︎︎︎Sex Education

New Beginnings Campaign

Interactive Brand Experience Campaign, Out-of-Home Advertizing, Experience Design, Branding and Packaging

New Beginnings is an interactive marketing campaign for the upcoming (now released) fourth season of the Netflix show, “Sex Education”. This campaign, featuring digital and physical deliverables, focuses on providing the show’s fans an opportunity to bid farewell to beloved characters and main location, Moordale, which will depart the show after the first three seasons.

As the campaign features both physical and digital deliverables, illustrations were used for both approaches as that allowed for a more consistent style. Each of the deliverables consistently adhered to the aesthetics of the TV series, with vintage colors reminiscent of 80s fashion, as well as graphics and elements related to the plot/main theme of the show (highschool, exploring sexuality, coming of age, friendship, and more)