Type Design, Motion Graphics

Nano is versatile modular typeface designed using a 10 by 10 grid-template, offering a cohesive design across all 24 alphabets. Drawing inspiration from vintage video games with pixelated  appearances, nano embodies a unique blend of adaptability, playfulness, and readability. Nano is deliberately designed to convey a sense of endearment and intimacy. The lowercase letters, in particular, exude a playful charm, inviting users to engage with the typeface on a personal level.

Its simple appearance is reminiscent of retro video games, bringing the audience on a nostalgic journey to the vibrant and pixelated world of 80s arcades. Nano seamlessly captures the essence of that era through its use of vibrant colors and vintage appearance. The bold, blocky letters evoke a sense of familiarity, instantly transporting viewers to a time when arcade screens flickered with neon lights and classic gaming excitement.