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Memorias de Maiz is a photo-zine that serves as a visual narrative that summarizes my of a two-month stay in Mexico. This project emerged from my exploration of the unfamiliar, as I lived in a city where I didn't speak the language and had limited knowledge of the culture. Despite these challenges, the vibrant and passionate atmosphere of Mexico soon began to feel like a second home.

The zine is a compilation of 35mm film photographs that I personally took and developed, capturing the essence of the streets, the sea, and the intimate spaces within people's homes. My camera became a second pair of eyes to experience and relish the emotions and sensations I felt throughout my explorations.

The zine delves into the concept of home and explores how our perspectives are influenced by our environment, family, and personal experiences. Drawing inspiration from Spanish songs that resonated with me both in my youth and adulthood, "Memorias de Maíz" serves as a curated medium that invites viewers to connect the visual content with the cultural contexts embedded in the images.

The design of the zine is deliberate, with a focus on simple typography and composition. I aimed to create an interactive experience for the viewer, akin to playing "I-spy." Through collage elements sourced from my daily encounters, such as street signs and scanned books from the Biblioteca Vasconcelos, the zine invites viewers to unravel the layers of meaning within each image.