︎︎︎HMGMA x SCADpro


Environmental Graphics, Vector Illustration,
Art Direction, 3D Modeling

︎︎︎ Press Release

During this week-long design sprint, I led a team of 3 students to design a water tower for the new HMGMA EV Plant in Bryan County, GA. The design featured the tower’s sides and top with graphics that served to embody Hyundai’s mission to come together to create a better future.

Within the 7 days of this challenge, our team (IGNITE) came together to brainstorm, develop and refine our design in hopes to represent Hyundai not only as an enterprise, but as a leading force in innovation, sustainability and community building. The name of our team, Ignite, also was chosen as a way to highlight our goal of igniting the passion of others, whether thats the engineers and workers at HMGMA or a passerby driving pass the water tower, to work towards building a better future. Our final design included imagery relevant to Hyundai’s committment to sustainable production, its deep roots in automobile manufaturing, as well as their drive towards community-building.

Our final design was selected as the winning design for this sprint.
The water tower will be designed and constructed by November 2024.